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Dramatización artística.

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Castell de Montsoriu.

Castell de Montsoriu.


The Bushmans Kloof rock art site in the Cederberg region of South Africa.

Recently awarded the status of a South African National Heritage Site, Bushmans Kloof contains over 130 rock art sites, some of which date to 10,000 years before present.

Stained with oxide pigments, these rocks depict the spiritual and cultural legacy of the San (also known as Bushmen), who have lived in these mountains for some 120,000 years. A particular point of interest about this rock art for some is the depictions of about 30 Cape mountain zebra, which are today endangered, with only about 1,200 remaining worldwide. Antelopes such as the eland, black wildebeest, and springbok are also depicted.

Recommended reading & food for thought: ‘Access to Rock Art Sites: A Right or a Qualification?’ By Ndukuyakhe Ndlovu iThe South African Archaeological Bulletin, Vol. 64, No. 189 (JUNE 2009), pp. 61-68

Photos taken by mlaaker. The contrast and tone of the original images have been readjusted. 


—Nothing To Win


Yob - Nothing To Win

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Kindjal from the Caucasus, 1800’s


Kindjal from the Caucasus, 1800’s

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